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Jeremiah Henning

Reliable. Respectful. Relaxed.Desiring late September move-in. Seeking rental options around $750/mo.

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Who I am

Your Future Friendly Tenant

I am a mature, college-educated self-employed individual with a wealth of life experiences. I lead a health-conscious and balanced lifestyle, abstaining from drugs, smoking, and alcohol. My outlook is rooted in positivity, and I find joy in laughter and embracing life's bright moments. I hold a deep appreciation for fostering harmonious relationships with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Maintaining an organized and tidy living space is a source of pride for me, and while I don't have any pets of my own, I am incredibly welcoming to and understanding of furry companions.

What I Enjoy

Nerd At Heart

When I'm not working, my time is often devoted to ongoing learning, self-study, skill enhancement, and personal projects centered around career advancement. However, I also find enjoyment in pursuits like board games (Pandemic and Ticket to Ride are favorites), video games (currently Diablo IV and the Life is Strange franchise), drawing, creative writing, technology (cloud and cybersecurity), and venturing out for hikes and trips to the coast. I'm definitely a lifelong nerd, and I'm as much a fan of Star Wars as I am Star Trek.

What I'm Looking For:

Living Arrangements

A Private Room

I'm in search of a serene private room, complete with space for a twin bed, small desk, and dresser. Reliable internet access is a necessity for my work and self-study. While on-site laundry facilities would be a bonus, they're not a make-or-break requirement. On the other hand, I shy away from house parties and prefer a focused and peaceful living space.

My Budget

Up to $750 a month

Inclusive of utilities is preferable, though open to negotiation for the perfect space. I'm willing to prepay up to six months based on the total rent. Exploring arrangements where I contribute through labor for reduced rent is also on the table. Month-to-month or 6-month lease terms are preferred, and having a formal contract in place is essential for mutual clarity and respect

Optional Needs

Music Performance

I have a musical background as a former professional classical violinist and pianist, and I occasionally enjoy playing cherished old tunes. I possess an electric violin and keyboard that produce minimal noise. However, I'm fully open to refraining from performing in my living space if this is a significant concern.


Late September Move-In Date

I'll be traveling internationally and will return to the country after September 20th. While I'm available to move in as early as my return date, my preferred move-in window concludes by October 1st at the latest. This timing aligns best with my plans and allows for a smooth transition into my new living space.

Contact Me

Let's Talk

If you're seeking a dependable and compatible tenant who brings positivity and a spirit of cooperation to the table, I'd love to connect. We can start with a virtual meet-and-greet over Zoom, or if you prefer, we can chat via phone or email.

Heartfelt Gratitude

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. Your interest is greatly appreciated, and I'm eagerly anticipating the opportunity to hear from you. Let's explore the possibilities together!